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03-30-07 Feds and Sheriff leave 'ALL HIPPIES DIE' message to Dispensary. KSBY

03-29-07 Morro Bay Dispensary raided. KSBY

03-08-07 Steph Landa reports to Feds for 41 month sentence. Oaksterdam News

02-06-07 San Luis Obispo County approves Dispensary Ordinance. County Website

01-04-07 Judge orders Grover Beach to return Medicine. SLO New Times

11-28-06 Activist grower Dustin Costa sentenced to 13 years.

08-31-06 City of San Luis Obispo returns Medical Marijuana to patient. SLO New Times

08-03-06 County of San Luis Obispo approves Medical Marijuana ID's. SLO New Times

05-04-06 Dispensary joins Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce. SLO New Times

04-27-06 Letter to the Editor regarding Dispensaries. SLO New Times

04-20-06 Reefer Gladness. SLO New Times

03-03-06 Medical Marijuana Movement in Morro Bay. SLO New Times

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