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05-29-2008 Paso Man's Arrest leads to LA Dispensary Raids SLO Tribune

05-27-2008 Paso Man's Arrest leads to LA Dispensary Raids LA Times

05-17-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Feds Praise Verdict Modesto Bee

05-15-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Found Guilty Modesto Bee

05-14-2008 Debbie Arnold vs Patterson New Times SLO

05-14-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Defense Closes Arguments Modesto Bee

05-09-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Defends Sales Modesto Bee

05-08-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Fed wrap up case Modesto Bee

05-01-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Selling not Disputed Modesto Bee

04-29-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Plea Deals Modesto Bee

04-29-2008 Letter from House Judiciary Chairmen to DEA Safe Access Now

04-29-2008 reveals letter for House Judiciary chairman

04-26-2008 Adams reopens after Federal Raid OC Register

04-27-2008 Luke Scarmazzo We Followed the Law Modesto Bee

03-25-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Sues City of Modesto Modesto Bee

01-31-2008 Appeals Stall Templeton Dispensary SLO Tribune

01-30-2008 Pot Vending Machines in LA MSNBC

01-30-2008 Templeton Dispensary Appeals filed SLO Tribune

01-11-2008 Templeton Dispensary gets Green Light SLO Tribune

01-09-2008 County Approves 100,000 for Hedges Attorney Fees SLO Tribune

12-26-07 Top Stories of 2007 #8 Pot Shop Raided. SLO Tribune

12-26-07 Remembering 2007 SLO New Times

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