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06-11-2009 "This is an injustice I think everybody has got the message"  

06-11-2009 366 day Sentence for Pot Dispensary Owner San Francisco Chronicle  

06-11-2009 Former Dispensary owner Sentenced KSBY   

06-11-2009 Pot Dispensary owner Sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Prison (Blog)  Los Angeles Times  

06-11-2009 Prison term for seller of Medical Marijuana New York Times  

06-08-2009 Medical Marijuana Whipping Boy

06-03-2009 Interviews with Eddy Lepp, Marc Emmery, Ed Rosenthol and Charles Lynch Drug Truth Network

04-28-2009 America's Shcizoid Pot Culture    

04-26-2009 Collective Farming and the Lynch Case  

04-25-2009 Medical Marijuana test Case pits US Attorney against Holder   

04-24-2009 Charles Lynch High Times  

04-24-2009 Judge in California Marijuana case weights Leniancy Washington Post   

04-24-2009 Sentencing Delayed in Medical Marijuana Case Los Angeles Times  

04-24-2009 Marijuana Defendants push for Leniancy San Francisco Chronicle 

04-23-2009 Will Charlie Lynch Avoid Jail? 

04-23-2009 Should Charlie Lynch spend the rest of his life in Jail? 

04-23-2009 Jail Term Sought in Medical Marijuana Case New York Times  

04-23-2009 Sentencing in Charles Lynch California Medical Marijuana Case Delayed Salem-News  

04-21-2009 US Wants 5-Year term for medical Pot Seller San Francisco Chronicle 

04-17-2009 Department of Justice Refuses to Intervene in Lynch Case Friends of CCL 

04-08-2009 Lynch on Montel Williams Air America Show Friends of CCL  

04-06-2009 Lynch Case mentioned in Time Magazine top 10 World Stories Friends of CCL 

04-01-2009 Status Quo going up in Smoke? The American Conservative

04-01-2009 Obama gets Hazzy on Reefer Economics The Chicago Tribune

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