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11-28-07 Felix Kha return of Medical Marijuana Case click here

11-01-2007 Luke Scarmazzo Case Reset for April 2008 Modesto Bee

10-27-07 Sheriff sued by former member of CCCC SLO Tribune

10-27-07 Templeton  votes on Dispensary and Wine Vineyard SLO Tribune

10-24-07 Sheriff sued by deputy in Federal court SLO Tribune

10-21-07 Editorial: Sheriff's story raises questions SLO Tribune

10-20-07 Sheriff's gag order request denied SLO Tribune

10-19-2007 Judge rules against Hedges gag order SLO Tribune

10-18-2007 Editorial: Sheriff's secret taping is the publics interest SLO Tribune

10-17-2007 Sheriff does read New Times New Times SLO

10-17-2007 Sheriff would have been fired Times New Times SLO

10-12-07 Sheriff says county should pay legal bills. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Sheriff says probe was into missing narcotics and guns. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Activists rally in downtown LA, want end to raids. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Governor vetoes hemp bill again. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Hearing on Sheriff request for gag order delayed. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Hearing on Sheriff's case; CMC inmate found with drugs. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Editorial: Let Sheriff run his department. New Times SLO

10-05-07 Call From Congressman McCarthy SLO Tribune

10-02-07 Should Sheriff Hedges stand down? New Times SLO

10-02-07 Shredder: I'm all Ears. New Times SLO

09-28-07 Sheriff defends bugging. KSBY

09-26-07 Shredder: I am the Law. SLO Tribune

09-21-07 Sheriff Hedges defends office bugging. SLO Tribune

09-21-07 Sheriff Hedges must pay own legal bills. SLO Tribune

09-12-07 Claim alleges sheriff spied on chief deputy. New Times SLO

09-08-07 Official claims his office bugged by sheriff. SLO Tribune

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