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11-11-2013 Los Angeles based Daily Journal News paper runs article about Lynch appeal. Click here for the article.

05-13-2010 Eric Holder questioned by Judicial Oversight Committee about Charles C. Lynch case. Located at 1:09 in the Video CSPAN

05-13-2010 Sheriff Hedges leaves a sordid legacy SLO New Times

05-07-2010 Federal Judge Recommends Reclassification of Medical Marijuana Salem-News

05-06-2010 Charles C. Lynch files appeal to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Friends of CCL

04-29-2010 Judge Wu issues final Sentencing Memo Friends of CCL

10-28-2009 Medical Marijuana's Poster Child Pain Solutions Magazine

10-27-2009 Medical Marijuana Truth in Trials Act introduced into Congress Americans for Safe Access

10-22-2009 How will the DOJ's new stance affect Charlie Lynch

10-19-2009 Local marijuana advocate reacts to Obama's new policy KSBY

10-19-2009 How will new Fed Guidelines on Medical Marijuana affect Charles Lynch

10-19-2009 A federal about-face on medical marijuana Los Angeles Times

10-19-2009 US eases stance on medical marijuana Washington Post

10-19-2009 Obama Administration issues new Federal Medical Marijuana Policy Department of Justice

10-09-2009 Federal Prosecutors Nudge Judge Wu into finishing Sentencing Judgement Friends of CCL

08-18-2009 9th Circuit court of Appeals Dismiss Government and Lynch Appeals Friends of CCL

07-13-2009 Federal Government files Notice of Appeal to measly one year sentence Friends of CCL

06-18-2009 Central Coast Marijuana Dispenser sentenced to Federal Prison SLO New Times  

06-15-2009 Lynch Files Appeal to Conviction and Sentence Friends of CCL

06-12-2009 Prison term for a seller of Medical Marijuana New York Times

06-12-2009 Morro Bay Pot Store owner gets 1 year sentence Los Angeles Times  

06-12-2009 Medical Marijuana: The Police View ABC News 2020 with John Stossel  

06-12-2009 Charles Lynch Sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Prison The Liberty Papers 

06-11-2009 "This is an injustice I think everybody has got the message"  

06-11-2009 366 day Sentence for Pot Dispensary Owner San Francisco Chronicle  

06-11-2009 Former Dispensary owner Sentenced KSBY   

06-11-2009 Pot Dispensary owner Sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Prison (Blog)  Los Angeles Times  

06-11-2009 Prison term for seller of Medical Marijuana New York Times  

06-08-2009 Medical Marijuana Whipping Boy

06-03-2009 Interviews with Eddy Lepp, Marc Emmery, Ed Rosenthol and Charles Lynch Drug Truth Network

04-28-2009 America's Shcizoid Pot Culture    

04-26-2009 Collective Farming and the Lynch Case  

04-25-2009 Medical Marijuana test Case pits US Attorney against Holder   

04-24-2009 Charles Lynch High Times  

04-24-2009 Judge in California Marijuana case weights Leniancy Washington Post   

04-24-2009 Sentencing Delayed in Medical Marijuana Case Los Angeles Times  

04-24-2009 Marijuana Defendants push for Leniancy San Francisco Chronicle 

04-23-2009 Will Charlie Lynch Avoid Jail? 

04-23-2009 Should Charlie Lynch spend the rest of his life in Jail? 

04-23-2009 Jail Term Sought in Medical Marijuana Case New York Times  

04-23-2009 Sentencing in Charles Lynch California Medical Marijuana Case Delayed Salem-News  

04-21-2009 US Wants 5-Year term for medical Pot Seller San Francisco Chronicle 

04-17-2009 Department of Justice Refuses to Intervene in Lynch Case Friends of CCL 

04-08-2009 Lynch on Montel Williams Air America Show Friends of CCL  

04-06-2009 Lynch Case mentioned in Time Magazine top 10 World Stories Friends of CCL 

04-01-2009 Status Quo going up in Smoke? The American Conservative

04-01-2009 Obama gets Hazzy on Reefer Economics The Chicago Tribune

03-31-2009 Major Deal over Minor Issue The LA Progressive

03-29-2009 In California's Medical Marijuana Truce, a Troubling Grey Legal Area Time 

03-27-2009 Lynch and Attorneys appear on Larry King Live Friends of CCL

03-24-2009 Will Medical Marijuana Owner Go to jail? Should he? Reason Video Blog 

03-23-2009 Sentencing Postponed for former Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner KSBY 

03-23-2009 Shift on Marijuana Policy delays sentencing New York Times   

03-23-2009 Medical Pot Provider's Sentencing Postponed Los Angeles Times  

03-23-2009 Exhaling after marijuana Policy Shift China Post 

03-22-2009 Medical Marijuana Advocates are breathing eaiser SLO Tribune  

03-22-2009 US Won't Prosecute Medical Marijauna Richmand Times Dispatch

03-22-2009 Pot Advocates Exhale after US Signals Policy Shift Taiwan News Associated Press 

03-21-2009 Medical Marijuana Advocates Hail Holder Saint Louis Today  

03-21-009 Time out of Joint for pot Merchant SLO Tribune  

03-20-2009 California Medical Marijuana Provider faces Sentencing Salem-News  

03-20-2009 Medical Marijuana Provider to be Sentenced 

03-20-2009 Policy Shift for Medical Marijuana Dispensers New York Times   

03-19-2009 Attorney General Signals Shift in Medical Marijuana Policy Time  

03-19-2009 Will a California Court Martyr Charles Lynch or Avoid Disaster?

03-19-2009 US Won't prosecute Medical Pot Sales Los Angeles Times  

03-18-2009 Local Marijuana Martyr makes National News SLO New Times

03-15-2009 MSNBC Al Roker Reporting Marijuana Inc airs Lynch on National TV MSNBC  Friends of CCL

03-13-2009 Dispensary owner faces Jail time? Mustang Daily 

03-13-2009 ABC News 2020 airs Bailouts and Bull with guest Charles Lynch? ABC News 2020 

03-11-2009 Is it reefer madness? Chicago Tribune

03-07-2009 Ban on medical pot cases quickly lifted Los Angeles Times

02-27-2009 DEA to End Medical Marijuana Raids MSNBC

02-24-2009 US Attorney General Announces US Policy regarding Dispensaries Edited Video From C-Span

02-23-2009 Protest in Los Angeles San Luis Obispo Tribune

02-13-2009 Lois Capps asks DEA to Stop Forfeiture Letters Americans for Safe Access

02-11-2009 Complaints against Sheriff go to Grand Jury SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Free Lynch SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Defendent's Sentencing Motions Denied, New Sentencing Date SLO New Times

02-02-2009 Shattered Lives Radio Interview with Sharon North (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-28-2009 Deputies Called to Sheriff's House Regarding Domestic Violence New Times SLO

01-26-2009 Dave Congalton Interviews Lynch on KVEC 920 AM Radio KVEC 920 AM (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-22-2009 Court orders Sheriff to Return Medical Marijuana New Times SLO

01-06-2009 Lynch Interviews with John Stossel ABC News 2020 Friends of CCL

01-19-2009 Dirty Sheriff?

01-08-2009 No Retrial as Lynch Faces Sentencing New Times SLO

01-08-2009 Shredder "Attention Grateful Victims" New Times SLO

01-05-2009 Retrial Motion Denied KSBY

12-31-2008 What Happened in 2008 New Times SLO

11-27-2008 Meet California's Lawless Sheriff

11-19-2008 Retrial hearing Delayed for Dispensary Owner SLO New Times

11-12-2008 Shredder Calls for Presidential Pardon SLO New Times

11-01-2008 Lynch's Brother Dies Friends of CCL

10-25-2008 Lynch Interviews with Al Roker Friends of CCL

10-08-2008 Lynch Supporters Rally SLO New Times

10-06-2008 Reason TV Update on Charlie Lynch Video Report

10-06-2008 Rally for Charles C. Lynch at Federal Court House in LA KPFK Radio Report / KPFK Website

09-29-2008 Farmington Graduate in Medical Drug Debate Daily Times New Mexico

09-10-2008 Commentary: Marijuana and the Badge Cal Coast News

09-04-2008 Shredder: Bail Me Out SLO New Times

08-28-2008 Political Cartoon Regarding Lynch's Case SLO New Times

08-26-2008 CA Attorney General Publishes Opinion LA Times

08-23-2008 LA Times Correction LA Times Correction

08-21-2008 Capitol Offenses CA Attorney General Issues Guidelines Easy Reader

08-17-2008 Pot Power Play LA Times Opinion

08-14-2008 Compassionate Caregiver found Guilty CBS News

08-14-2008 Compassionate Caregiver found Guilty Opinion Mustang Daily

08-14-2008 Compassionate Caregiver found Guilty Mustang Daily

08-07-2008 DEA Agent Lies on the Stand

08-07-2008 Guilty on all Charges New Times SLO

08-07-2008 Dispenary Owner Seeks New Trial SLO Tribune

08-06-2008 When State and Federal Laws Conflict KCRW Radio (Trimmed MP3 File)

08-06-2008 Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted faces Prison Time SLO Tribune

08-06-2008 Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted on Federal Charges Los Angeles Times

08-05-2008 Marijuana Dispensary Owner's Trail goes to Jury Los Angeles Times

08-05-2008 Ex Pot Shops Owner's Trial in Jury's Hands SLO Tribune

08-03-2008 CNN Reports on Medical Marijuana Confusion CNN

07-26-2008 Conflicting Marijuana Laws take Stage in Trial Los Angeles Times

07-26-2008 Conflicting Marijuana Laws take Stage in Trial Chicago Tribune

07-24-2008 Local Woman Sues the County and Sheriff New Times SLO

07-17-2008 Local Woman Sues the County and Sheriff SLO Tribune

06-19-2008 Local News Paper recognizes Reason TV Documentary Regarding Charles Lynch New Times SLO

06-11-2008 Reason TV airs Documentary Regarding Charles Lynch

05-29-2008 Paso Man's Arrest leads to LA Dispensary Raids SLO Tribune

05-27-2008 Paso Man's Arrest leads to LA Dispensary Raids LA Times

05-17-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Feds Praise Verdict Modesto Bee

05-15-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Found Guilty Modesto Bee

05-14-2008 Debbie Arnold vs Patterson New Times SLO

05-14-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Defense Closes Arguments Modesto Bee

05-09-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Defends Sales Modesto Bee

05-08-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Fed wrap up case Modesto Bee

05-01-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Selling not Disputed Modesto Bee

04-29-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Plea Deals Modesto Bee

04-29-2008 Letter from House Judiciary Chairmen to DEA Safe Access Now

04-29-2008 reveals letter for House Judiciary chairman

04-26-2008 Adams reopens after Federal Raid OC Register

04-27-2008 Luke Scarmazzo We Followed the Law Modesto Bee

03-25-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Sues City of Modesto Modesto Bee

01-31-2008 Appeals Stall Templeton Dispensary SLO Tribune

01-30-2008 Pot Vending Machines in LA MSNBC

01-30-2008 Templeton Dispensary Appeals filed SLO Tribune

01-11-2008 Templeton Dispensary gets Green Light SLO Tribune

01-09-2008 County Approves 100,000 for Hedges Attorney Fees SLO Tribune

12-26-07 Top Stories of 2007 #8 Pot Shop Raided. SLO Tribune

12-26-07 Remembering 2007 SLO New Times

11-28-07 Felix Kha return of Medical Marijuana Case click here

11-01-2007 Luke Scarmazzo Case Reset for April 2008 Modesto Bee

10-27-07 Sheriff sued by former member of CCCC SLO Tribune

10-27-07 Templeton  votes on Dispensary and Wine Vineyard SLO Tribune

10-24-07 Sheriff sued by deputy in Federal court SLO Tribune

10-21-07 Editorial: Sheriff's story raises questions SLO Tribune

10-20-07 Sheriff's gag order request denied SLO Tribune

10-19-2007 Judge rules against Hedges gag order SLO Tribune

10-18-2007 Editorial: Sheriff's secret taping is the publics interest SLO Tribune

10-17-2007 Sheriff does read New Times New Times SLO

10-17-2007 Sheriff would have been fired Times New Times SLO

10-12-07 Sheriff says county should pay legal bills. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Sheriff says probe was into missing narcotics and guns. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Activists rally in downtown LA, want end to raids. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Governor vetoes hemp bill again. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Hearing on Sheriff request for gag order delayed. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Hearing on Sheriff's case; CMC inmate found with drugs. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Editorial: Let Sheriff run his department. New Times SLO

10-05-07 Call From Congressman McCarthy SLO Tribune

10-02-07 Should Sheriff Hedges stand down? New Times SLO

10-02-07 Shredder: I'm all Ears. New Times SLO

09-28-07 Sheriff defends bugging. KSBY

09-26-07 Shredder: I am the Law. SLO Tribune

09-21-07 Sheriff Hedges defends office bugging. SLO Tribune

09-21-07 Sheriff Hedges must pay own legal bills. SLO Tribune

09-12-07 Claim alleges sheriff spied on chief deputy. New Times SLO

09-08-07 Official claims his office bugged by sheriff. SLO Tribune

08-08-07 Compassionate Coalition "Free Charles C. Lynch!" Coalition Website

08-07-07 Owner of Morro Bay Dispensary pleads Not Guilty. SLO Tribune

08-06-07 Owner of Morro Bay Dispensary pleads Not Guilty. KCOY, KSBY, SLO Tribune

08-01-07 Dr. Marion Fry and husband Attorney Dale Schafer go on trial.

07-29-07 Bob Cuddy Tribune Editorial Ideology vs. Compassion. SLO Tribune

07-29-07 Buellton Dispensary Raided. KSBY

07-25-07 Templeton plans for Dispensary Continue. SLO New Times, KSBY

07-21-07 Arrest Casts shadows over future Dispensaries. SLO Tribune

07-20-07 Owner released from Federal custody. KCOY

07-19-07 Patient speaks out for owner of Morro Bay Dispensary. KSBY

07-18-07 Former Morro Bay Dispensary owner arrested. SLO New Times, KCOY, SLO Tribune

07-18-2007 Morro Bay Dispensary Owner Indicted High Times Magazine

07-17-07 Morro Bay Dispensary owner arrested. DEA Press Release, KSBY, CANorml

07-11-07 Bob Cuddy Tribune Editorial Pot Laws hurt those that suffer. SLO Tribune

06-20-07 Temple Dispensary plans delayed. SLO New Times

05-23-07 Morro Bay Dispensary Closes again. SLO New Times, KSBY

04-25-07 Advisory group opposes Templeton Dispensary. SLO New Times

04-19-07 Proposed Dispensary in Templeton. KSBY

04-11-07 Morro Bay Dispensary Reopens. SLO New Times, KSBY, KSBY

04-11-07 Patient speaks out about patient privacy rights. SLO New Times

04-05-07 Fed's Raid Morro Bay Dispensary. SLO New Times, KSBY, Editorial

03-30-07 Feds and Sheriff leave 'ALL HIPPIES DIE' message to Dispensary. KSBY

03-29-07 Morro Bay Dispensary raided. KSBY

03-08-07 Steph Landa reports to Feds for 41 month sentence. Oaksterdam News

02-06-07 San Luis Obispo County approves Dispensary Ordinance. County Website

01-04-07 Judge orders Grover Beach to return Medicine. SLO New Times

11-28-06 Activist grower Dustin Costa sentenced to 13 years.

08-31-06 City of San Luis Obispo returns Medical Marijuana to patient. SLO New Times

08-03-06 County of San Luis Obispo approves Medical Marijuana ID's. SLO New Times

05-04-06 Dispensary joins Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce. SLO New Times

04-27-06 Letter to the Editor regarding Dispensaries. SLO New Times

04-20-06 Reefer Gladness. SLO New Times

03-03-06 Medical Marijuana Movement in Morro Bay. SLO New Times

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