Days of Federal Prosecution

Civil War Against CCL Began March 31, 2007. That was
ago and still counting

Etrade Closing Lynch IRA

ccl .420th centETrade closing Lynch's IRA because he was "arrested for selling marijuana"

Lynch Loses Appeal in 9th Circuit

9th Circuit Court BuildingLynch loses in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals but wins a McIntosh hearing September 13, 2018

Supreme Court Denies Justice in Lynch vs USA

Supreme CourtSupreme Court Denies hearing Lynch vs USA letting false conviction stand

Lynch Files Section 538 Motion

rickray 001 42x42Charles Lynch files Section 538 motion to end case based on new 2015 Spending Bill

Rorahbacher-Farr Letter to Inspector General

Letter to Inspector GeneralCongressmen Sam Farr and Dana Rorabacher write letter to Inspector General

News Archive

Article Index

11-11-2013 Los Angeles based Daily Journal News paper runs article about Lynch appeal. Click here for the article.

05-13-2010 Eric Holder questioned by Judicial Oversight Committee about Charles C. Lynch case. Located at 1:09 in the Video CSPAN

05-13-2010 Sheriff Hedges leaves a sordid legacy SLO New Times

05-07-2010 Federal Judge Recommends Reclassification of Medical Marijuana Salem-News

05-06-2010 Charles C. Lynch files appeal to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Friends of CCL

04-29-2010 Judge Wu issues final Sentencing Memo Friends of CCL

10-28-2009 Medical Marijuana's Poster Child Pain Solutions Magazine

10-27-2009 Medical Marijuana Truth in Trials Act introduced into Congress Americans for Safe Access

10-22-2009 How will the DOJ's new stance affect Charlie Lynch

10-19-2009 Local marijuana advocate reacts to Obama's new policy KSBY

10-19-2009 How will new Fed Guidelines on Medical Marijuana affect Charles Lynch

10-19-2009 A federal about-face on medical marijuana Los Angeles Times

10-19-2009 US eases stance on medical marijuana Washington Post

10-19-2009 Obama Administration issues new Federal Medical Marijuana Policy Department of Justice

10-09-2009 Federal Prosecutors Nudge Judge Wu into finishing Sentencing Judgement Friends of CCL

08-18-2009 9th Circuit court of Appeals Dismiss Government and Lynch Appeals Friends of CCL

07-13-2009 Federal Government files Notice of Appeal to measly one year sentence Friends of CCL

06-18-2009 Central Coast Marijuana Dispenser sentenced to Federal Prison SLO New Times  

06-15-2009 Lynch Files Appeal to Conviction and Sentence Friends of CCL

06-12-2009 Prison term for a seller of Medical Marijuana New York Times

06-12-2009 Morro Bay Pot Store owner gets 1 year sentence Los Angeles Times  

06-12-2009 Medical Marijuana: The Police View ABC News 2020 with John Stossel  

06-12-2009 Charles Lynch Sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Prison The Liberty Papers 

06-11-2009 "This is an injustice I think everybody has got the message"  

06-11-2009 366 day Sentence for Pot Dispensary Owner San Francisco Chronicle  

06-11-2009 Former Dispensary owner Sentenced KSBY   

06-11-2009 Pot Dispensary owner Sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Prison (Blog)  Los Angeles Times  

06-11-2009 Prison term for seller of Medical Marijuana New York Times  

06-08-2009 Medical Marijuana Whipping Boy

06-03-2009 Interviews with Eddy Lepp, Marc Emmery, Ed Rosenthol and Charles Lynch Drug Truth Network

04-28-2009 America's Shcizoid Pot Culture    

04-26-2009 Collective Farming and the Lynch Case  

04-25-2009 Medical Marijuana test Case pits US Attorney against Holder   

04-24-2009 Charles Lynch High Times  

04-24-2009 Judge in California Marijuana case weights Leniancy Washington Post   

04-24-2009 Sentencing Delayed in Medical Marijuana Case Los Angeles Times  

04-24-2009 Marijuana Defendants push for Leniancy San Francisco Chronicle 

04-23-2009 Will Charlie Lynch Avoid Jail? 

04-23-2009 Should Charlie Lynch spend the rest of his life in Jail? 

04-23-2009 Jail Term Sought in Medical Marijuana Case New York Times  

04-23-2009 Sentencing in Charles Lynch California Medical Marijuana Case Delayed Salem-News  

04-21-2009 US Wants 5-Year term for medical Pot Seller San Francisco Chronicle 

04-17-2009 Department of Justice Refuses to Intervene in Lynch Case Friends of CCL 

04-08-2009 Lynch on Montel Williams Air America Show Friends of CCL  

04-06-2009 Lynch Case mentioned in Time Magazine top 10 World Stories Friends of CCL 

04-01-2009 Status Quo going up in Smoke? The American Conservative

04-01-2009 Obama gets Hazzy on Reefer Economics The Chicago Tribune

03-31-2009 Major Deal over Minor Issue The LA Progressive

03-29-2009 In California's Medical Marijuana Truce, a Troubling Grey Legal Area Time 

03-27-2009 Lynch and Attorneys appear on Larry King Live Friends of CCL

03-24-2009 Will Medical Marijuana Owner Go to jail? Should he? Reason Video Blog 

03-23-2009 Sentencing Postponed for former Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner KSBY 

03-23-2009 Shift on Marijuana Policy delays sentencing New York Times   

03-23-2009 Medical Pot Provider's Sentencing Postponed Los Angeles Times  

03-23-2009 Exhaling after marijuana Policy Shift China Post 

03-22-2009 Medical Marijuana Advocates are breathing eaiser SLO Tribune  

03-22-2009 US Won't Prosecute Medical Marijauna Richmand Times Dispatch

03-22-2009 Pot Advocates Exhale after US Signals Policy Shift Taiwan News Associated Press 

03-21-2009 Medical Marijuana Advocates Hail Holder Saint Louis Today  

03-21-009 Time out of Joint for pot Merchant SLO Tribune  

03-20-2009 California Medical Marijuana Provider faces Sentencing Salem-News  

03-20-2009 Medical Marijuana Provider to be Sentenced 

03-20-2009 Policy Shift for Medical Marijuana Dispensers New York Times   

03-19-2009 Attorney General Signals Shift in Medical Marijuana Policy Time  

03-19-2009 Will a California Court Martyr Charles Lynch or Avoid Disaster?

03-19-2009 US Won't prosecute Medical Pot Sales Los Angeles Times  

03-18-2009 Local Marijuana Martyr makes National News SLO New Times

03-15-2009 MSNBC Al Roker Reporting Marijuana Inc airs Lynch on National TV MSNBC  Friends of CCL

03-13-2009 Dispensary owner faces Jail time? Mustang Daily 

03-13-2009 ABC News 2020 airs Bailouts and Bull with guest Charles Lynch? ABC News 2020 

03-11-2009 Is it reefer madness? Chicago Tribune

03-07-2009 Ban on medical pot cases quickly lifted Los Angeles Times

02-27-2009 DEA to End Medical Marijuana Raids MSNBC

02-24-2009 US Attorney General Announces US Policy regarding Dispensaries Edited Video From C-Span

02-23-2009 Protest in Los Angeles San Luis Obispo Tribune

02-13-2009 Lois Capps asks DEA to Stop Forfeiture Letters Americans for Safe Access

02-11-2009 Complaints against Sheriff go to Grand Jury SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Free Lynch SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Defendent's Sentencing Motions Denied, New Sentencing Date SLO New Times

02-02-2009 Shattered Lives Radio Interview with Sharon North (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-28-2009 Deputies Called to Sheriff's House Regarding Domestic Violence New Times SLO

01-26-2009 Dave Congalton Interviews Lynch on KVEC 920 AM Radio KVEC 920 AM (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-22-2009 Court orders Sheriff to Return Medical Marijuana New Times SLO

01-06-2009 Lynch Interviews with John Stossel ABC News 2020 Friends of CCL

01-19-2009 Dirty Sheriff?

01-08-2009 No Retrial as Lynch Faces Sentencing New Times SLO

01-08-2009 Shredder "Attention Grateful Victims" New Times SLO

01-05-2009 Retrial Motion Denied KSBY

12-31-2008 What Happened in 2008 New Times SLO

11-27-2008 Meet California's Lawless Sheriff

11-19-2008 Retrial hearing Delayed for Dispensary Owner SLO New Times

11-12-2008 Shredder Calls for Presidential Pardon SLO New Times

11-01-2008 Lynch's Brother Dies Friends of CCL

10-25-2008 Lynch Interviews with Al Roker Friends of CCL

10-08-2008 Lynch Supporters Rally SLO New Times

10-06-2008 Reason TV Update on Charlie Lynch Video Report

10-06-2008 Rally for Charles C. Lynch at Federal Court House in LA KPFK Radio Report / KPFK Website

09-29-2008 Farmington Graduate in Medical Drug Debate Daily Times New Mexico

09-10-2008 Commentary: Marijuana and the Badge Cal Coast News

09-04-2008 Shredder: Bail Me Out SLO New Times

08-28-2008 Political Cartoon Regarding Lynch's Case SLO New Times

08-26-2008 CA Attorney General Publishes Opinion LA Times

08-23-2008 LA Times Correction LA Times Correction

08-21-2008 Capitol Offenses CA Attorney General Issues Guidelines Easy Reader

08-17-2008 Pot Power Play LA Times Opinion

08-14-2008 Compassionate Caregiver found Guilty CBS News

08-14-2008 Compassionate Caregiver found Guilty Opinion Mustang Daily

08-14-2008 Compassionate Caregiver found Guilty Mustang Daily

08-07-2008 DEA Agent Lies on the Stand

08-07-2008 Guilty on all Charges New Times SLO

08-07-2008 Dispenary Owner Seeks New Trial SLO Tribune

08-06-2008 When State and Federal Laws Conflict KCRW Radio (Trimmed MP3 File)

08-06-2008 Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted faces Prison Time SLO Tribune

08-06-2008 Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted on Federal Charges Los Angeles Times

08-05-2008 Marijuana Dispensary Owner's Trail goes to Jury Los Angeles Times

08-05-2008 Ex Pot Shops Owner's Trial in Jury's Hands SLO Tribune

08-03-2008 CNN Reports on Medical Marijuana Confusion CNN

07-26-2008 Conflicting Marijuana Laws take Stage in Trial Los Angeles Times

07-26-2008 Conflicting Marijuana Laws take Stage in Trial Chicago Tribune

07-24-2008 Local Woman Sues the County and Sheriff New Times SLO

07-17-2008 Local Woman Sues the County and Sheriff SLO Tribune

06-19-2008 Local News Paper recognizes Reason TV Documentary Regarding Charles Lynch New Times SLO

06-11-2008 Reason TV airs Documentary Regarding Charles Lynch

05-29-2008 Paso Man's Arrest leads to LA Dispensary Raids SLO Tribune

05-27-2008 Paso Man's Arrest leads to LA Dispensary Raids LA Times

05-17-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Feds Praise Verdict Modesto Bee

05-15-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Found Guilty Modesto Bee

05-14-2008 Debbie Arnold vs Patterson New Times SLO

05-14-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Defense Closes Arguments Modesto Bee

05-09-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Defends Sales Modesto Bee

05-08-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Fed wrap up case Modesto Bee

05-01-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Selling not Disputed Modesto Bee

04-29-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Plea Deals Modesto Bee

04-29-2008 Letter from House Judiciary Chairmen to DEA Safe Access Now

04-29-2008 reveals letter for House Judiciary chairman

04-26-2008 Adams reopens after Federal Raid OC Register

04-27-2008 Luke Scarmazzo We Followed the Law Modesto Bee

03-25-2008 Luke Scarmazzo Sues City of Modesto Modesto Bee

01-31-2008 Appeals Stall Templeton Dispensary SLO Tribune

01-30-2008 Pot Vending Machines in LA MSNBC

01-30-2008 Templeton Dispensary Appeals filed SLO Tribune

01-11-2008 Templeton Dispensary gets Green Light SLO Tribune

01-09-2008 County Approves 100,000 for Hedges Attorney Fees SLO Tribune

12-26-07 Top Stories of 2007 #8 Pot Shop Raided. SLO Tribune

12-26-07 Remembering 2007 SLO New Times

11-28-07 Felix Kha return of Medical Marijuana Case click here

11-01-2007 Luke Scarmazzo Case Reset for April 2008 Modesto Bee

10-27-07 Sheriff sued by former member of CCCC SLO Tribune

10-27-07 Templeton  votes on Dispensary and Wine Vineyard SLO Tribune

10-24-07 Sheriff sued by deputy in Federal court SLO Tribune

10-21-07 Editorial: Sheriff's story raises questions SLO Tribune

10-20-07 Sheriff's gag order request denied SLO Tribune

10-19-2007 Judge rules against Hedges gag order SLO Tribune

10-18-2007 Editorial: Sheriff's secret taping is the publics interest SLO Tribune

10-17-2007 Sheriff does read New Times New Times SLO

10-17-2007 Sheriff would have been fired Times New Times SLO

10-12-07 Sheriff says county should pay legal bills. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Sheriff says probe was into missing narcotics and guns. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Activists rally in downtown LA, want end to raids. SLO Tribune

10-11-07 Governor vetoes hemp bill again. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Hearing on Sheriff request for gag order delayed. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Hearing on Sheriff's case; CMC inmate found with drugs. SLO Tribune

10-10-07 Editorial: Let Sheriff run his department. New Times SLO

10-05-07 Call From Congressman McCarthy SLO Tribune

10-02-07 Should Sheriff Hedges stand down? New Times SLO

10-02-07 Shredder: I'm all Ears. New Times SLO

09-28-07 Sheriff defends bugging. KSBY

09-26-07 Shredder: I am the Law. SLO Tribune

09-21-07 Sheriff Hedges defends office bugging. SLO Tribune

09-21-07 Sheriff Hedges must pay own legal bills. SLO Tribune

09-12-07 Claim alleges sheriff spied on chief deputy. New Times SLO

09-08-07 Official claims his office bugged by sheriff. SLO Tribune

08-08-07 Compassionate Coalition "Free Charles C. Lynch!" Coalition Website

08-07-07 Owner of Morro Bay Dispensary pleads Not Guilty. SLO Tribune

08-06-07 Owner of Morro Bay Dispensary pleads Not Guilty. KCOY, KSBY, SLO Tribune

08-01-07 Dr. Marion Fry and husband Attorney Dale Schafer go on trial.

07-29-07 Bob Cuddy Tribune Editorial Ideology vs. Compassion. SLO Tribune

07-29-07 Buellton Dispensary Raided. KSBY

07-25-07 Templeton plans for Dispensary Continue. SLO New Times, KSBY

07-21-07 Arrest Casts shadows over future Dispensaries. SLO Tribune

07-20-07 Owner released from Federal custody. KCOY

07-19-07 Patient speaks out for owner of Morro Bay Dispensary. KSBY

07-18-07 Former Morro Bay Dispensary owner arrested. SLO New Times, KCOY, SLO Tribune

07-18-2007 Morro Bay Dispensary Owner Indicted High Times Magazine

07-17-07 Morro Bay Dispensary owner arrested. DEA Press Release, KSBY, CANorml

07-11-07 Bob Cuddy Tribune Editorial Pot Laws hurt those that suffer. SLO Tribune

06-20-07 Temple Dispensary plans delayed. SLO New Times

05-23-07 Morro Bay Dispensary Closes again. SLO New Times, KSBY

04-25-07 Advisory group opposes Templeton Dispensary. SLO New Times

04-19-07 Proposed Dispensary in Templeton. KSBY

04-11-07 Morro Bay Dispensary Reopens. SLO New Times, KSBY, KSBY

04-11-07 Patient speaks out about patient privacy rights. SLO New Times

04-05-07 Fed's Raid Morro Bay Dispensary. SLO New Times, KSBY, Editorial

03-30-07 Feds and Sheriff leave 'ALL HIPPIES DIE' message to Dispensary. KSBY

03-29-07 Morro Bay Dispensary raided. KSBY

03-08-07 Steph Landa reports to Feds for 41 month sentence. Oaksterdam News

02-06-07 San Luis Obispo County approves Dispensary Ordinance. County Website

01-04-07 Judge orders Grover Beach to return Medicine. SLO New Times

11-28-06 Activist grower Dustin Costa sentenced to 13 years.

08-31-06 City of San Luis Obispo returns Medical Marijuana to patient. SLO New Times

08-03-06 County of San Luis Obispo approves Medical Marijuana ID's. SLO New Times

05-04-06 Dispensary joins Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce. SLO New Times

04-27-06 Letter to the Editor regarding Dispensaries. SLO New Times

04-20-06 Reefer Gladness. SLO New Times

03-03-06 Medical Marijuana Movement in Morro Bay. SLO New Times

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