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03-31-2009 Major Deal over Minor Issue The LA Progressive

03-29-2009 In California's Medical Marijuana Truce, a Troubling Grey Legal Area Time 

03-27-2009 Lynch and Attorneys appear on Larry King Live Friends of CCL

03-24-2009 Will Medical Marijuana Owner Go to jail? Should he? Reason Video Blog 

03-23-2009 Sentencing Postponed for former Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner KSBY 

03-23-2009 Shift on Marijuana Policy delays sentencing New York Times   

03-23-2009 Medical Pot Provider's Sentencing Postponed Los Angeles Times  

03-23-2009 Exhaling after marijuana Policy Shift China Post 

03-22-2009 Medical Marijuana Advocates are breathing eaiser SLO Tribune  

03-22-2009 US Won't Prosecute Medical Marijauna Richmand Times Dispatch

03-22-2009 Pot Advocates Exhale after US Signals Policy Shift Taiwan News Associated Press 

03-21-2009 Medical Marijuana Advocates Hail Holder Saint Louis Today  

03-21-009 Time out of Joint for pot Merchant SLO Tribune  

03-20-2009 California Medical Marijuana Provider faces Sentencing Salem-News  

03-20-2009 Medical Marijuana Provider to be Sentenced 

03-20-2009 Policy Shift for Medical Marijuana Dispensers New York Times   

03-19-2009 Attorney General Signals Shift in Medical Marijuana Policy Time  

03-19-2009 Will a California Court Martyr Charles Lynch or Avoid Disaster?

03-19-2009 US Won't prosecute Medical Pot Sales Los Angeles Times  

03-18-2009 Local Marijuana Martyr makes National News SLO New Times

03-15-2009 MSNBC Al Roker Reporting Marijuana Inc airs Lynch on National TV MSNBC  Friends of CCL

03-13-2009 Dispensary owner faces Jail time? Mustang Daily 

03-13-2009 ABC News 2020 airs Bailouts and Bull with guest Charles Lynch? ABC News 2020 

03-11-2009 Is it reefer madness? Chicago Tribune

03-07-2009 Ban on medical pot cases quickly lifted Los Angeles Times

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