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08-08-07 Compassionate Coalition "Free Charles C. Lynch!" Coalition Website

08-07-07 Owner of Morro Bay Dispensary pleads Not Guilty. SLO Tribune

08-06-07 Owner of Morro Bay Dispensary pleads Not Guilty. KCOY, KSBY, SLO Tribune

08-01-07 Dr. Marion Fry and husband Attorney Dale Schafer go on trial.

07-29-07 Bob Cuddy Tribune Editorial Ideology vs. Compassion. SLO Tribune

07-29-07 Buellton Dispensary Raided. KSBY

07-25-07 Templeton plans for Dispensary Continue. SLO New Times, KSBY

07-21-07 Arrest Casts shadows over future Dispensaries. SLO Tribune

07-20-07 Owner released from Federal custody. KCOY

07-19-07 Patient speaks out for owner of Morro Bay Dispensary. KSBY

07-18-07 Former Morro Bay Dispensary owner arrested. SLO New Times, KCOY, SLO Tribune

07-18-2007 Morro Bay Dispensary Owner Indicted High Times Magazine

07-17-07 Morro Bay Dispensary owner arrested. DEA Press Release, KSBY, CANorml

07-11-07 Bob Cuddy Tribune Editorial Pot Laws hurt those that suffer. SLO Tribune

06-20-07 Temple Dispensary plans delayed. SLO New Times

05-23-07 Morro Bay Dispensary Closes again. SLO New Times, KSBY

04-25-07 Advisory group opposes Templeton Dispensary. SLO New Times

04-19-07 Proposed Dispensary in Templeton. KSBY

04-11-07 Morro Bay Dispensary Reopens. SLO New Times, KSBY, KSBY

04-11-07 Patient speaks out about patient privacy rights. SLO New Times

04-05-07 Fed's Raid Morro Bay Dispensary. SLO New Times, KSBY, Editorial

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