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02-27-2009 DEA to End Medical Marijuana Raids MSNBC

02-24-2009 US Attorney General Announces US Policy regarding Dispensaries Edited Video From C-Span

02-23-2009 Protest in Los Angeles San Luis Obispo Tribune

02-13-2009 Lois Capps asks DEA to Stop Forfeiture Letters Americans for Safe Access

02-11-2009 Complaints against Sheriff go to Grand Jury SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Free Lynch SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Defendent's Sentencing Motions Denied, New Sentencing Date SLO New Times

02-02-2009 Shattered Lives Radio Interview with Sharon North (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-28-2009 Deputies Called to Sheriff's House Regarding Domestic Violence New Times SLO

01-26-2009 Dave Congalton Interviews Lynch on KVEC 920 AM Radio KVEC 920 AM (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-22-2009 Court orders Sheriff to Return Medical Marijuana New Times SLO

01-06-2009 Lynch Interviews with John Stossel ABC News 2020 Friends of CCL

01-19-2009 Dirty Sheriff?

01-08-2009 No Retrial as Lynch Faces Sentencing New Times SLO

01-08-2009 Shredder "Attention Grateful Victims" New Times SLO

01-05-2009 Retrial Motion Denied KSBY

12-31-2008 What Happened in 2008 New Times SLO

11-27-2008 Meet California's Lawless Sheriff

11-19-2008 Retrial hearing Delayed for Dispensary Owner SLO New Times

11-12-2008 Shredder Calls for Presidential Pardon SLO New Times

11-01-2008 Lynch's Brother Dies Friends of CCL

10-25-2008 Lynch Interviews with Al Roker Friends of CCL

10-08-2008 Lynch Supporters Rally SLO New Times

10-06-2008 Reason TV Update on Charlie Lynch Video Report

10-06-2008 Rally for Charles C. Lynch at Federal Court House in LA KPFK Radio Report / KPFK Website

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