Days of Federal Prosecution

Civil War Against CCL Began March 31, 2007. That was
ago and still counting

Etrade Closing Lynch IRA

ccl .420th centETrade closing Lynch's IRA because he was "arrested for selling marijuana"

Lynch Loses Appeal in 9th Circuit

9th Circuit Court BuildingLynch loses in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals but wins a McIntosh hearing September 13, 2018

Supreme Court Denies Justice in Lynch vs USA

Supreme CourtSupreme Court Denies hearing Lynch vs USA letting false conviction stand

Lynch Files Section 538 Motion

rickray 001 42x42Charles Lynch files Section 538 motion to end case based on new 2015 Spending Bill

Rorahbacher-Farr Letter to Inspector General

Letter to Inspector GeneralCongressmen Sam Farr and Dana Rorabacher write letter to Inspector General

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Article Index

02-27-2009 DEA to End Medical Marijuana Raids MSNBC

02-24-2009 US Attorney General Announces US Policy regarding Dispensaries Edited Video From C-Span

02-23-2009 Protest in Los Angeles San Luis Obispo Tribune

02-13-2009 Lois Capps asks DEA to Stop Forfeiture Letters Americans for Safe Access

02-11-2009 Complaints against Sheriff go to Grand Jury SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Free Lynch SLO New Times Shredder (Opinion)

02-11-2009 Defendent's Sentencing Motions Denied, New Sentencing Date SLO New Times

02-02-2009 Shattered Lives Radio Interview with Sharon North (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-28-2009 Deputies Called to Sheriff's House Regarding Domestic Violence New Times SLO

01-26-2009 Dave Congalton Interviews Lynch on KVEC 920 AM Radio KVEC 920 AM (Trimmed MP3 File)

01-22-2009 Court orders Sheriff to Return Medical Marijuana New Times SLO

01-06-2009 Lynch Interviews with John Stossel ABC News 2020 Friends of CCL

01-19-2009 Dirty Sheriff?

01-08-2009 No Retrial as Lynch Faces Sentencing New Times SLO

01-08-2009 Shredder "Attention Grateful Victims" New Times SLO

01-05-2009 Retrial Motion Denied KSBY

12-31-2008 What Happened in 2008 New Times SLO

11-27-2008 Meet California's Lawless Sheriff

11-19-2008 Retrial hearing Delayed for Dispensary Owner SLO New Times

11-12-2008 Shredder Calls for Presidential Pardon SLO New Times

11-01-2008 Lynch's Brother Dies Friends of CCL

10-25-2008 Lynch Interviews with Al Roker Friends of CCL

10-08-2008 Lynch Supporters Rally SLO New Times

10-06-2008 Reason TV Update on Charlie Lynch Video Report

10-06-2008 Rally for Charles C. Lynch at Federal Court House in LA KPFK Radio Report / KPFK Website

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