Below are photos of the evidence used against me in Federal Court. Some of my own photo's such as the Morro Bay Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Testimony from my patients were not allowed during the trial. There is nothing fair about Federal Court. That is probably one reason they do not allow cameras to record Federal Trials.

Count Five

DSC 1905 600x400
Evidence Count 5 Photo of Lynch's Downtown Morro Bay Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Courtesy the DEA


Count Five I was convicted of operation and use of a drug-involved premises, in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 856(a)(1) (Count Five). Here in the first photo the Feds do a pretty good job of making the Dispensary look a little creepy. So I thought I had better show my perspective of the situation below where the City of Morro Bay welcomes the Dispensary to the Chamber of Commerce. My photo was not allowed to be seen by the Jury much less the mention of acceptance and authorization of my business from the City.

LCL1 600x400
Lynch Evidence Photo of Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony not allowed during Trial


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